Miracle mortar!. This is what users of this product call Buster by CRAS in granite quarries, where its ability to make clean cuts and the absence of microcracks allows the rationalisation of the production process as it is not necessary to take the safety measures inherent in other technologies.

Using Buster by CRAS increases production 100%. On the one hand, as it is a non-explosive product, the production process of the quarry as a whole is rationalised. On the other hand, with the use of Buster by CRAS, only half the number of holes are required, this being a determining factor in production. Holes are staggered at distance of 0.40 m to 0.50 m instead of 0.20 m, as in conventional procedures.

For all these reasons, we can ensure that the use of Buster by CRAS produces between 25% and 32% of saleable material, as fracturing is not explosive, producing a clean and precise cut without microcracks.

"Com a argamasa expansiva Buster by CRAS conseguimos um maior volume de produçao aliado a uma menor geraçao de rejeitos, além de melhorar substancialmente a segurança dos trabalhadores com a menor utilizaçao de explosivos."
Atílio Travaglia, Propietario
SIGMA do Brasil